We went on a late night kangaroo
chase the night before so our
rides were covered in dirt.

Try to catch me ridin’ dirty.

We were somewhere between Sydney & Melbourne

Quick stop at Jimmy G’s Skateshop.

“Do you have balloons?”

Kinda looks like a ZOOYORK/Satori collabo graphic.

Guess who broke this rail off?

Matt Miller was face to face with
a wild kangaroo the night before…
he could’ve took it out with his cast
but he got shook and ran away.

The sun is strong in Australia

The Doc, iPod, Coke and some lotion.
We held down the executive whip
on the way down to Canberra.

Our vans were begging to get rear ended.
“Unbreakable” huh? Lets see about that.

Shetler and Shane found a big wild lizard
and tried to make it skate.

Shetler pays his respects to
the late great Steve Irwin and catches
the feisty little bugga by its tail.

“I’m not gonna hurt ‘cha!”

“We got a live one here.”

Damn Shetler you crazy bro.
Grabbin lizards out the cut
on the way to the spot..


The spot was in the cuts.

It was pretty epic though..

Full sesh brah.

Matt hucks a nosegrab scarewalk up the gap.

My mum has nipples

Mall grab of the day.

We be right by da beach mon.

After our team dinner at Chili’s..
Zered found an epic photo of “Brian” in
the bathroom and he came with us for
the rest of the trip. Look how psyched Z is on him.

Back at the PJ’s in Canberra..
a serious game of tech-deck S.K.A.T.E. was
in full effect.

The next morning we went to the airport.

And picked up Nardelli aka “The new old guy”
Nards took a much needed break from
brand managing Zoo to have some fun
in the sun with us.

Our spot guide in Canberra was a cool
kid named Jack Fardell.
We quickly nicknamed him “Jack the Ripper”
and recruited him to our Aussie Am Squad.
Watch out for this guy. Warm up ollies over
the channel in the deep end.

The park had a snake run with sweet berms.

Z gettin his berm carve on.

Nick from Lush was another one of our
tour guides, and he rips too.
Full 90 degree shifty off the launch ramp.
And yeah he landed that shit in slip ons.

On the reals we got so much footage this trip.
Can leak it all but stay tuned for a sweet Podcast preview.