We left Brisbane on Australia Day.
Which is like the Aussie version of the 4th of July.
We celebrated at the airport.

Our van was lookin’ hella tight.
That’s the Sydney Opera House
in the background.

Our first instore appearance
was at SDS on Pitt Street.

Sharpie ZY crackerjack tats were
in effect on the little dunnys.

Then we did a demo at Fernside skatepark.
Where Seamus got the biggest crowd
reaction of the day.

Dr. Z holds it down.

After the demo, we all jumped into
a “Maxi Taxi” and headed to the
Zoo York party.

Say Cheese.

They had all the super limited edition
artist collaboration Zoo boards on the wall.

“One day me and you are gonna have
our names on boards like that yo..”

My man John Bush from NY was in the hizzouse.

We had a screening of “Legends Never Die”.

This photo looks like it could have been
taken at Niagara Bar in NY.
but its on the other side of the world.

Seamus and Mrs Umali at the
Hollywood Hotel next door where
we snuck lil’ Brandon in 3 times after
getting kicked out.

Suski & Z at a Pre-sesh
conveniece store sesh
the next day.

It was a hot day of skating in Sydney
Brandon gettin footy at a
Sweet bump to Street gap

Our tour guide Joey Dodd
and ZY Aussie Am Jack Bridges
cool off in the car.

We went to a bangin spot with a
wavy hubba and a gap to rail
that Suski and Miller handled.