Aussie Tour Update #1 – Brisbane

Finally got a fast internet connection
here at the Lush offices in Australia.
This trip has been awesome so far.
Tons of footy.. great spots, great weather,
and cool people.. Stay tuned for more updates
and a podcast coming soon!

It was cold and grey in NY when
we left. Psyched to get some
of that warm Aussie sunshine.

Met Dr. Z, Seamus and Cronan
at JFK and we were on our way.

The first random Zoo York sighting
was on our flight out.. it wouldn’t be the last.

We had a layover in LA where
Miller and Suski met up with us to
try and get on our overbooked flight.
Mrs. Umali also came along for the ride.

Suski didn’t make it on to our flight
but the Umali’s got bumped up
to Business class for the 18 hour flight.

I felt a little bad for the lack of legroom
for Matt Miller so I gave him my
Filet Mignon. The girl next to him
is a vegetarian and she is not psyched.

It was a grey and cloudy morning
in Sydney when we flew in..

United messed up again by
losing Matt Miller’s luggage.
Here he is drowning his sorrows
with some cold VB’s for brekkie.

We took a connecting flight to Brisbane
where Shetler met us from a previous
trip to Hong Kong where he got
a ton of sick footy..

Off to the van.

Dr. Z has been killing it out here
filming new random tricks on the daily.

Matt Miller expresses his anger
for not having any clothes or
skateboards due to United Airlines
faulty baggage service.

All of Matt’s belongings for the next
three days are in his little backpack.

Our hotel in Brisbane had a sweet view
from the balcony.. I nice change
from the harsh winter back home.

They were racing cockroaches
across the street from our hotel
for Australia day.

Zered is so psyched to be skating out here.

Z climbed up into this spider infested tree
to get a 2nd angle of Shetler’s trick..

We went to a sweet handrail in Brisbane
and the cops showed up.
But instead of kicking us out,
they asked for autographs
and watched us from across the

Back to the hotel for a VB footage party

Matt setting up one handed.

We went to our first instore the next day.

Westgate got in this morning and
United also lost his bag.

Suski also finally made it onto a later flight
and weird.. United lost his bag too!

Our first stop was a big shop
called City Beach in Brisbane.

The shop was 3 floors high
with a little mini ramp on the top!

There were tons of kids there at our
first stop.. which was a great
way to set things off.

Thanks to Lush..
Zoo is big in Australia.

ZY Propaganda

Writer’s cramp

This guy was psyched to get
his 70’s mini cruiser signed
by the Zoo crew. He wouldn’t even
let me touch it cuz he was scared
to get fingerprints on it.

This jerkoff wanted to give Z
a ticket for skating back to the van.
Got nothin’ better to do than chase a skater?

Suskarelli smiles on the way to our demo

Which got rained out after 20 minutes of skating.

So if you can’t skate ya might as well
sign some more stuff for the kids.

Back to the hotel for a pool sesh.

Swimming pool that is.. Miller time
can’t get his cast wet so he finds
a comfy spot on the rock.

Z.Z. Cool Bass can’t live without his radio.

Australia has cool electric boxes.

Sizing up a sweet gap.

Stuffing Suski into the trunk of the van

Suski celebrating the arrival of his luggage.

Put anything in front of Shetler
and he will shred it..
Even a watermelon.

We checked out of our hotel so this
was the only way to get back into
the pool without a key.

Waiting for our flight down to Sydney

Zered’s telling some kind of story here

Sunset at the airport.

Shetler and Westgate getting some last minute
sunshine on the gold coast.
before our flight to Sydney.


Time to go get some more footy.
Halleluiah Hollerback Dun Dada.