Hot! April Fools..

We met up at Astor again to start the day..

Here is Zered doing a “mall grab”
on of one of the new
Zoo York “invisi-boards”

Todd Jordan & Marc Razo came out to play.
And Razo fell asleep standing up.
He’s on the bartender schedule, it was
probably a little too early for him..

Todd has been our homie for a long time
He now skates for Shut Skateboards and he’s
gonna have a bangin’ part in the Nike SB video
click on the pic and then click it again
to see a little video of him ripping.

Teddy Powell also came out and ripped it.
He was on Stereo back in the day
and I used to film with him,
Mike & Quim Cardona a lot..
Those were some good times..
You can see a lot of good Teddy footage
in the NY Revisited Vol.2 DVD.


down Broadway

to Houston Street

is lots

of fun.

We gotta go back to this spot.

We went to visit Alex at the Etnies showroom..

Pat Smith and crew
Were hard at work on the ramp.
Here is Alex killing it with a Madonna from flat

Pooky was there..

Holdin’ it down.


Todd got the munchies.

Jay Serbi is my homie from Jerz.
He also lives around the corner from me
and makes beats for Rakim.

The guy driving this Element
was being a real jerkoff.

Todd’s got your back.

Looks like Supreme got a new sign.
After the scaffolding goes down
I bet you could sell it on eBay.

Todd throws down the tailgrab onefoot.
Check out Danny in the background
rockin Tino’s pants..
Tighty whiteys are so not right now.

What better way to end the day.
than with Ritas from the hat.
“Go inside and tell your mom
to make me a magic coke!”
– Todd Jordan to this kid on the board.