The Day after the Tampa Pro Finals
We all met in the parking garage of
the hotel to pack the vans up and
kick off the Florida Spring Break tour.

Everybody was there.

Let’s do this!

KT killed it all weekend at the
skatepark and was still up early
and ready for tour.

We had some time to kill so
we went downtown to Tampa to
try and skate some spots.

I saw this sign and thought
it would make a F*ckin Awesome
board graphic.

“Point to your favorite building Donny”

Ron Deily brings it back to the
essence of butt-boarding.

Not only is this box of “road sodas”
refreshing.. its also a chair!

Tour Life + Gas Station Meals = Water Storms.

Our first demo was at Stewy’s Skatepark
and it was packed.

In memory of Stewy – R.I.P.
That’s KT and John Montessi of
Westside Skateshop/New Deal fame

Montessi treated us to a nice meal
at Outback. We just got back
from Australia so we knew what
kind of beer to get. Not Foster’s.

Montessi is the nicest guy ever
and Matlin is the Zoo team’s
#1 supplier.

I don’t know what’s going
on in this photo but I do know
that I had a good time that night.

At breakfast the next day Shetler
demonstrates the effects of
static electricity on Suski.

We stopped by Montessi’s shop on our
way out and he took us to a good
street spot that Brandon broke off.

A zoo fan from Stewy’s park gave us a homemade
voodoo doll to take on the road with us.

Tour Life + Chili’s every night = More Water Storms

Custom Red Bull fitted.

Seamus and DB stickering up the van.

Yo make it nice.

Every day another hotel to check out of.

Pack it up dunnys.

Unbreakable my ass.

The best facial hair award goes to Suski.

“Does that look straight?”

What are you holding KT?

“Yo Suski, can you hear me now?”

“How come you never move the back row!”

New Blood

Shit was packed.

Brandon Westgate future Rookie of the year.

The first Forrest sighting of the tour
was on the wall of New Blood.

Give it to Ron he’ll sign anything.

“Yo sign my face!”

“My elbows too!”

Shetler holds down the Zoo tent

Be careful for what you ask for.
This kid was asking for it.

You see what happens?

Donny spotted this really good sandwich joint.
Its cool that Donny found it cuz he’s a baked grinder too.

Yo we loungin’ son.

Check R.Deily in the middle reppin’
the horns for NJ.
His new nickname is Ron Jovi.

These kids watch a lot of Skate Maps.

“You’re my favorite skater”

Every morning you gotta catch up on the
latest skate gossip to see what’s up.

Mandatory “Who’s in the tour van” shot.

Yo is that Don Barley settin his
board up right next to me?

“It’s like breakfast with lunch inside?”

Zered told me that without his glasses,
his vision is blurrier than this…
That makes all the tricks he’s done,
even sicker than they were!

Don’t try and skate Downtown Ft. Lauderdale
with a van full of dudes.
Those spots are played anyways.

3, 4, 5 gets you nada.
Island Water Sports
Deerfield Beach signing.

It looks like the Zoo designers have gotten
a bit sloppy over the years.

Keep doing what you’re doing Brandon
and one day you can have a fish that big.

Cool shop. They got nice thongs.

Back at the hotel it was time to exchange
some perdium with a little Cee-Lo.

After the dice were thrown around, more perdium
was thrown around with a game of hold ’em.

Our next signing was at B.C.
in the friendly city of Ft. Lauderdale

Forrest Sighting #2 came after we
checked into our new hotel.
Nollie heelflip in Supremes
Page 6 – Miami Hotel Welcome book.

It was WMC (Winter Music Conference)
week and Miami was off the hook.
I went to a pool party to meet my boy Keen.

Me and my lil ninja Bushwick Bill
were holdin’ it down for H-Town.

Keen took KT and I to get some bangin’ Haitian food.

Live music was everywhere in MIA.
Even at the dinner table.

The hotel was overbooked for WMC so I slept
on the floor next to Lamare’s bed.
This is the view from our room.

Hey you can see the van from here!

Aquil Brathwaite was at the demo!
Holdin’ it down with Donny bringin’ it back
to Skater’s Island.. Eddie Rap Life and
Felix were there too! Big ups to the crew
for comin’ out strong.. Where was Eli Reed?

This little dunny’s got our back.

This kid was hella psyched.
He took the bus here and asked for “anything”.
Check his custom HH R.I.P. shirt.
Zered gave him his last board in the van for it.
What a nice guy.

There’s Forrest!

Thanks for comin’ out 4E.
Glad you could be a part of the Florida tour.

Yo toss these empty road sodas!

Big ups to Seamus Deegs for holding it down!

The new MIA skatepark is by the airport.

Last dinner in MIA at Cheeseburger Baby!
Damn Zered what kind of shoes are those?

Joel Meinholz held a party for us at his
Chocolate Sunday night at Purdy Lounge

DJ Keen One warming up the set for A-Trak.

What! Ray Echevers from Boston was in the house.

I don’t know if you know this..
but we’re kind of a big deal
around here.

KT takes advantage of the free pool.

4E and his Blue Steele.

Asian Persuasion

Holdin’ it down.

What! Brian Brown was in the house too.
C’mere Brian, I’m gonna feel
you up like my little turtle!

Z and Ron Suki.

Joel and DB.

DB and Neil Nice.

My man Rios from NYC was in the house for WMC.

Big ups to Dimitrius for holdin’ down the cargo van.

The next day we had a team brunch at the
best sandwich spot in South beach.

Brian Brown, MIA photo guru Ian O’Connor,
and Suski agree.. best sandwiches
on the beach hands down.

Man of Mystery.. Foreaga says peace!
And we out.