Please join us at Epstein’s on Monday night at 9pm for a special
screening of “Firsthand” starring Zered Bassett. This is the first TV
show i’ve filmed, edited and produced all on my own!

“Firsthand” follows pro skater Zered Bassett from his hometown in Cape Cod,
Thru the streets of NYC to the Brooklyn Banks Contest,
to LA for some skating with friends, and a trip to DVS for some shoe designs.

Special guest appearances by: The Gonz, Vinnie Ponte, Danny Supa,
Joey Brezinski, Giovanni Reda, Lance Dawes, The Zoo Crew, and more of
Zered’s friends.

I know some of you aren’t in NY so please forward this invite to
anybody you think would be interested..

Here are the showtimes for Zered’s Firsthand on Fuel TV if you can’t make it.
(All times are Eastern Standard Time)
March 11 – 8pm, 12am
March 12 – 4:30pm, 7:30pm
March 14 – 12:00pm
March 15 – 9:30am, 10:30pm, 1:30am
March 17 – 6:30pm
March 18 – 3:30pm

Fuel is a pay-per-view (Fox Sports Package) channel.. so if you don’t
have it, Call your cable company to get it or join us on Monday for
the screening at Epstein’s, There’s gonna be food and drink
specials.. Plus my favorite Hawaiian DJ is gonna be on the 1 & 2’s…